What is BlockMarkets?

BlockMarkets is a US-based cryptocurrency market data provider. Developed by Wall Street veterans, our focus is on delivering institutional-grade cryptocurrency market data to funds, financial institutions, trading professionals, and application developers.

What products does BlockMarkets offer?

We currently offer the following products:

  • Real-time exchange data
  • Historical exchange data
  • USD spot rates
  • Benchmark rates
  • Live order book

What services does BlockMarkets offer?

We currently offer the following services. Please contact us for details.

  • Index construction
  • Custom spot rates
  • Development/consulting

Where is BlockMarkets infrastructure located?

BlockMarkets is proudly hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) datacenters globally.

Can I put your data on my website?

Yes. However, if you have a free API key, data can only be shown for non-commercial use. See our other plans if you need a commercial use license.

Why should I choose BlockMarkets?

Our background is in developing data platforms for trading billions of dollars in assets at leading investment management companies. We understand the critical importance of data in making time-sensitive investment decisions. That is why you should choose us.

Market Data

How does BlockMarkets obtain its data?

We collect data directly from the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges via multiple redundant feeds including APIs and Websockets. Using our background in Wall Street technology, we have built the infrastructure so that you don't have to.

What exchanges are included?

Please see our List of Exchanges.

What assets are covered?

Please see our List of Assets.

What is tick data?

Ticks refer to the individual transactions (or trades) made on an exchange. Some assets have hundreds of thousands of transactions per day.

What is OHLCV data?

OHLCV refers to Open, High, Low, Close and Volume for a specified time period. We offer 1-minute, 1-hour, and 1-day intervals for our historical data files.

What is VWAP?

VWAP is the volume-weighted average price of an asset for a specified time period. We include VWAP with our OHLCV data.

What are benchmark rates?

Benchmark rates, also known as reference rates, can be thought of as closing prices. Of course, crypto markets never close, but funds need to value the holdings in their portfolio every day. Most funds do this at 4pm GMT, 4pm EST, or 0 UTC. We generate a benchmark rate at each of these times to represent the fair market USD value of the supported cryptocurrencies at that time.

How are benchmark rates calculated?

We follow the same methodology as the WM/Reuters FX Benchmarks, which are the gold standard in fiat FX markets. To prevent market manipulation, we collect all trades for a 15-minute time period beginning 7.5 minutes before the close and ending 7.5 minutes after the close. For our USD rates, the trades include all market pairs where the quote is USD or BTC. In the case that the quote is BTC, we use the BTC-USD benchmark rate as the conversion rate to USD. We do not include USD proxies such as USDT or TUSD. We check for anomalies and exclude any trades that are anomalous. We finally create a volume-weighted average price across all of the validated trades which represents the benchmark rate.

What are USD spot rates?

Our USD spot rates provide a real-time USD rate for over 100 cryptoassets. The rate represents the price at which an investor can either purchase or sell a cryptocurrency in US dollars.

How are the USD spot rates calculated?

Our USD spot rates are calculated in real time as trade executions arrive from exchanges. For our USD rates, the trades include all market pairs where the quote is USD or BTC. We take the last executed trade from each market pair and give it a weighting based on the 24-hour volume of its exchange. We also have a time decay factor and remove any anomalous trades. If you are an Enterprise client, we can provide you with the detailed formula.

Why do I need data from more than one exchange?

Cryptocurrency markets are still young and volatile. The price of certain assets has at times varied up to 20% depending on the region and exchange. For this reason, when looking at crypto prices it is important to look across regions and exchanges while factoring in overall trade volume.

Why does BlockMarkets only cover 15 exchanges?

We value quality over quantity. The exchanges we cover are the global market leaders, representing the overwhelming majority of all publicly traded cryptocurrency activity. We will continue to qualify and add new exchanges as we see fit.


Is the free subscription really free?

Yes. We just ask that you include a link to us from the homepage of your website or app.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Yes. Please visit Chargebee to upgrade/downgrade.

I'm having trouble with my API key. What do I do?

Please contact support@blockmarkets.io.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please visit Chargebee.