USD Spot Rates for Cryptocurrencies

BlockMarkets provides real-time USD spot rates for over 100 leading cryptocurrencies.

cryptocurrency USD spot rates

Our USD Spot Rates provide users with a real-time reference rate for leading cryptoassets. Using a robust methodology, these rates are suitable for price discovery, portfolio monitoring, and algorithmic trading.

  • Tracks the leading cryptocurrency exchanges to provide an accurate US dollar reference rate of top cryptoassets.
  • Pricing data is collected and validated in real time from the leading USD market exchanges.
  • Rates are calculated and published every 0.5 seconds.
  • RESTful API and WebSocket feeds.  See API documentation.


We follow the "Principles for Financial Benchmarks" set forth by IOSCO to calculate in real time the USD-equivalent spot rate for leading digital assets. The key elements of our spot rate methodology are outlined below. Detailed information is available to our Enterprise clients.

USD Markets

To ensure a high level of quality, we only source data from the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Data Validation

Our real-time processing engine validates each transaction from constituent exchanges to ensure accurate and reliable data.

Time Decay

If a market has no reported transactions in the prior 1-min period, its weighting is gradually reduced until it is removed.

Volume Weighting

Prices are weighted by the 24-hour transaction volume at each constituent exchange to produce a fair, liquid USD spot rate.