Cryptocurrency API for Professionals

A professional-grade API for real-time and historical cryptocurrency data.


Our API was built to meet the needs of demanding institutional investors.

crypto API results

BlockMarkets cryptocurrency API delivers fast and reliable pricing data from the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Historical data from 2010
  • USD spot rates
  • Benchmark rates
  • OLHC data with Volume & VWAP
  • ATH, Market cap, Supply
  • Full tick-by-tick history
  • Live order book
  • Website, Twitter, Github links
  • Excel Crypto Tracker
  • Unlimited API requests
  • AWS infrastructure
  • Real-time WebSocket
  • Free, Startup, Pro plans
  • Detailed  documentation

Use Cases

Our API can be used for just about anything, but especially these things...


Backtest investment strategies using our tick-by-tick price history for Bitcoin and other crypto assets since 2010.

Price Discovery

Use real-time order book and transaction data from the world's leading crypto exchanges to determine asset prices.

Trading Bots

Develop algorithmic trading bots that react to crypto prices in real time using our streaming WebSocket.


Easily generate charts for display and analysis using our historical OHLC and volume data.

Portfolio Valuation

Use our daily benchmark rates to provide clients with accurate portfolio valuation and AUM.

Website/App Development

Integrate our API to add crypto pricing and market data to your websites and applications.

The World's Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We include data from the world's leading digital asset exchanges, accounting for a majority of global trade volume.

Why BlockMarkets?

We are committed to building the best and fastest API for cryptocurrency market data.

Built by Wall Street Pros

We bring over 35 years of institutional-class trading knowledge to the crypto markets.

Data Integrity

We perform quality checks on all of our data, in real time, across all assets and markets.

Low Latency

We collect and deliver market data in milliseconds, not seconds or minutes like other providers.