Cryptocurrency Market Data for Professionals

BlockMarkets provides institutional-grade cryptocurrency market data to funds, investment professionals, and application developers.

Cryptocurrency API

Our low-latency API provides users with real-time and historical market data and spot rates from the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges.

In addition to our easy-to-use RESTful API, we offer
real-time Websocket and FIX feeds for time-sensitive applications.

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Historical Cryptocurrency Data

Historical Data

BlockMarkets offers historical data from over 500 markets dating back to 2010. Our data is sourced directly from the exchanges and standardized to provide our users with a consistent and reliable dataset suitable for backtesting trading strategies and performing data analysis.

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USD Spot & Benchmark Rates

Our USD spot rates use a reliable and transparent price index methodology to calculate real-time USD rates for almost 150 cryptoassets. These are suitable for price discovery and real-time trading applications.

Our benchmark rates provide crypto funds with a reliable closing price for daily portfolio valuation. Rates are generated at 4pm GMT, 4pm EST, and 0 UTC.

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Crypto Tracker Excel

Excel Crypto Tracker

Download our free Excel Crypto Tracker to monitor your crypto holdings throughout the day. Our Excel-based app updates every 5 seconds, allowing you to see the latest USD value of your portfolio.

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