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BlockMarkets provides historical cryptocurrency market data for research, backtesting, analysis, and AI/machine learning.

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Download full historical trade data from the world's leading digital asset exchanges instantly.

Leading crypto exchanges.

Historical data from 2010.

Full tick-by-tick history.

Normalized data. See file specs.

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  Start Date End Date # Trading Pairs Price  
Ultimate Dataset
(Includes all 10 data sets below)
7/17/2010 7/1/2019 853 $499 Contact us
Binance 7/14/2017 7/1/2019 455 $99 Contact us
Bitfinex 1/14/2013 7/1/2019 196 $99 Contact us
Bitstamp 1/2/2018 7/1/2019 15 $99 Contact us
Bittrex 1/2/2018 7/1/2019 349 $99 Contact us
Coinbase Pro 12/1/2014 7/1/2019 23 $99 Contact us
Gemini 1/2/2018 7/1/2019 15 $99 Contact us
ItBit 1/2/2018 7/1/2019 2 $99 Contact us
Kraken 10/6/2013 7/1/2019 64 $99 Contact us
Mount Gox 7/17/2010 2/24/2014 1 $29 Contact us
Poloniex 4/7/2018 7/1/2019 312 $99 Contact us

File Specs

All flat files are in CSV format and are compressed using GZ and packed using TAR.

Sample Files

Tick Data

# Field Description
1 exch The exchange code as follows:
BNCE - Binance
BFNX - Bitfinex
BFLY - Bitflyer
CPRO - Coinbase Pro
KRKN - Kraken
MTGX - Mt. Gox
POLO - Poloniex
2 pair The currency pair symbol (eg BTC-USD refers to the Bitcoin to USD rate)
3 timestampms Unix timestamp with milliseconds. Convert to Excel date using formula:
4 id If available, the unique identifier used by the exchange to identify the trade
5 price The execution price of the trade
6 amount The amount traded (eg with pair BTC-USD an amount of 1.5 equals 1.5 Bitcoins)
7 side Indicates whether the taker side was a Buy (b) or Sell (s) or Unknown (u)

cryptocurrency tick data

Use Cases

Our historical data can be used for just about anything, but especially these things...


Backtest investment strategies using our tick-by-tick price history for Bitcoin and other crypto assets since 2010.


Do research and statistical analysis using normalized tick data sourced from the the world's leading crypto exchanges.

AI/Machine Learning

Feed historical crypto data into your AI/machine learning applications to develop predictive models.

The World's Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We include data from the world's leading digital asset exchanges, accounting for a majority of global trade volume.

Why BlockMarkets?

Built by Wall Street Pros

We bring over 35 years of institutional-class trading knowledge to the crypto markets.

Data Integrity

We perform quality checks on all of our data across all assets and markets to ensure accuracy.


We collect and normalize data across crypto exchanges to deliver data in a consistent, easy-to-use format.